For the records managers

what do we mean by 'compliance'?

Castlepoint complies with the seventeen minimum policies endorsed by the National Archives of Australia, including AS ISO 15489 and the global standard ISO16175-2:2011: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments.  In addition to records policy, Castlepoint is built to comply with other required policy instruments and standards, including security regulations.

Australian government records management requirements are unique.  Records need to be managed whole of life.  Most third party compliance tools use a ‘recordization’ model, only archiving the record at the end of its life.  We allow compliant records management in systems from the moment of capture, with constant review and update of the sentence as the record changes.

The Artificial Intelligence capability is fully transparent, so you can see how each record sentence was determined, and can tune the retention as required. Castlepoint operates 24×7, constantly sentencing and resentencing millions of records in an accountable way, freeing up your records management staff to do more value added and strategic work. It also provides comprehensive information management, tracking classified, sensitive, high risk and topical records. 


The NAA and other agencies identify 947 mandatory and recommended requirements for records management in Australian government, beyond the Archives Act


​Multiple instruments apply in State and Federal government for information and systems security governance, including the ISM and PSPF.


​Privacy law, principles on private and open public sector information, and Freedom of Information instruments govern how content is managed


​The Australian government provides multiple standards and recommendations for information systems architecture, design and management.​

Records managers often deal with pushback from the business or ICT areas when they try to make the organisation more compliant. Castlepoint supports full compliance without detrimental effects on the user base or the technology platform, giving you a stronger business case to progress.