For the Business

why is the user experience so important?

Your records management solution might be 100% compliant – but if it’s only used by 20% of your staff, your organisation isn’t. Castlepoint allows your staff to keep using the collaborative, modern, user-driven business systems that support their work practices, rather than try to shoehorn all these records into an EDRMS. We know that users want records management to support them, not inhibit them from being productive.

With Castlepoint, users can continue working in their line of business systems. They don’t need to file copies of records into the EDRMS, as their records can now be effectively managed in-place. Because Castlepoint uses Artificial Intelligence, users do not have to conform to restrictive titling requirements or add records-management metadata to their files. Castlepoint extracts key phrases from the content of every piece of information uses Natural Language Processing, and uses this data to determine its subject, and its matching Records Authority classes and corresponding sentence. Users never have to interface with the Castlepoint system, and can continue working in the most efficient way, without having to worry that their records aren’t being compliantly managed. 


We leverage the MIE discoverability capability to make knowledge available, and relate it meaningfully, across all systems.


We let users continue to make and save content quickly and easily, in any line of business system, without needing to duplicate to the EDRMS.


Users want to be productive, and we support that. Records Management is built-in and undisruptive, with no user input needed.


Records are registered automatically, with their mandatory metadata and appropriate sentence. Users can be confident that they are compliant.

A records manager is someone who controls how the organisation captures, creates, manages and disposes of its information. In reality, your users are these controllers. Castlepoint ensures that when users do make their own folder structures, or add or even delete items, they do it in full compliance, with complete records management oversight.