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The Whole of Government Data Strategy: sharing versus protecting

Opinion piece by Rachael Greaves published in The Australian, December 14th 2021 The Government’s Data Strategy must address the conflict between data value and data risk By Rachael Greaves, CEO and Co-Founder, Castlepoint Systems A new Federal Government Data Strategy is due to drop soon and will focus on collaboration, re-use, and security. These themes

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What do Financial Services need to know about cyber and compliance?

Castlepoint CEO Rachael Greaves recently presented to the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) on the topic of cyber risk.  Most organisations are focused on immediate priorities, and have a short planning horizon for cyber. Cyber doesn’t seem as immediate as the need to meet targets, respond to FOIs, or complete reporting cycles. Anything that disrupts core

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Critical industries – obligations and possibilities

In November 2021 the Australian Government released the Critical Technology Supply Chain Principles. This a voluntary code to: “… support businesses of all sizes securely and confidently adopt and develop the critical technologies that will drive Australia’s economic recovery and future growth” These critical technologies include, for example:  artificial intelligence quantum computing blockchain algorithmic automation. The

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Limitations of records management in Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a ubiquitous and incredibly useful information collaboration platform, and Microsoft continues to evolve the service to meet governance, compliance, and regulatory requirements across the globe. However, there are some key shortcomings in the Office 365 functionality for continuum records management, which is the model required by the International Standards 15489 and 16175, and by

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What happens when you get rid of all your records managers?

In 2014, an Australian local Council introduced SharePoint to replace its TRIM records management system. Like many Councils nationwide, the City has a wide spectrum of responsibilities, from rangers to rates, libraries to the public pool, with a diverse workforce and specialist skill sets to match. In 2016, the city’s IT manager recommended to the

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