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What happens when you get rid of all your records managers?

In 2014, an Australian local Council introduced SharePoint to replace its TRIM records management system. Like many Councils nationwide, the City has a wide spectrum of responsibilities, from rangers to rates, libraries to the public pool, with a diverse workforce and specialist skill sets to match. In 2016, the city’s IT manager recommended to the

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Circular reference broken between AFDA and ISM

Eagle eyed readers and records management wonks will have noticed a circular reference between the National Archives of Australia’s Administrative Functions Disposal Authority and the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Information Security Manual, regarding system backups. The ISM, until the most recent update, stated: Retention periods for backupsTo prevent backups from being retained for an insufficient amount of time

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In-place records management versus in-place records management..?

A new research paper has clarified the three types of records management model, and they are (to paraphrase): centralised in-place traditional and in-place modern (what we call the Data Castle).  “Rival records management models in an era of partial automation” by Lappin, J., Jackson, T., Matthews, G. et al., published in Archival Science in January, Expounds on

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Castlepoint has a Successful First Round of ANU Interns

We have recently had two of our very first interns from the Australian National University complete an internship program with us. It was a mutually fantastic experience worth highlighting due to the learnings and contributions made. Both Ming and Manuwai made such an impression on us that they have officially become part of the Castlepoint Systems team, and we are so pleased to have them.   As a relatively new company ourselves, we can

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The risks of relying on ‘making a record’

The Register reports that, due to human error, 145,000 KPMG Microsoft Teams user chats were deleted, and can’t be recovered. KMPG was using retention policies in Teams, which have some broader limitations and risks for compliance. Unfortunately, in attempting to modify the policy for one user, they modified it for all, and deleted chat threads across the whole

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ASD and the problem to the solution

New Australian Signals Directorate Director-General Ms Rachel Noble PSM spoke today at the ANU National Security College. Castlepoint CEO Rachael Greaves was invited to attend as a representative of the Australian information security technology ecosystem. The topic was ‘Long histories, short memories: the transparently secret ASD in 2020’, and you can see the speech online on the National Security

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