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We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, a situation that has changed almost everything about the way we live and the way we do business. As our jobs, lifestyles and even our finances change, other, invisible changes are taking place, including some that we may not notice for some time – for example, what is the damage being done to our data?

Workforces have been sent home, in a hurry and with little time to prep. As a result, we can expect more data problems. We know that confidentiality will be affected, as people work from home on insecure networks. Integrity will be challenged as less oversight leads to more mistakes and malpractice. And availability will be impacted, as people work offline, or use unapproved systems to store or share information.

Over the series, Rachael consults a range of industry and government commentators, to uncover the issues businesses should look out for, and the ways to mitigate risks to data and compliance obligations arising from the pandemic and downturn.

The host

Rachael Greaves, Castlepoint CEO and Co Founder (CIP, CISA, CDPSE, CISM) is an industry expert in information and records compliance, control and security, with over 15 years’ experience with government. She leads and facilitates our sessions.


Explore the sessions below by stream. Click on the link in each speaker’s tab to view on demand, or see details for the upcoming webinar:

Records Stream

Strategy Stream

Security Stream

Discovery Stream

Audit Stream

The full calendar

RECORDS     May 5th

SECURITY     May 7th

  SECURITY    May 12th

SECURITY    May 14th

        AUDIT     May 19th

STRATEGY    May 21st

RECORDS    May 26th

AUDIT    May 29th

STRATEGY    June 3rd

RECORDS    June 4th

AUDIT    June 9th

    STRATEGY    June 16th

SECURITY    June 18th

STRATEGY    June 23rd

DISCOVERY    June 23rd

DISCOVERY    June 25th

DISCOVERY    June 30th

11AM – Kate Fuelling: Accidentally Agile – how the disruption can trick us into better practices going forward

4PM – Brett Lovegrove: Crimefighting – how we can make sure decentralised information is still useful and usable

11AM – Linda Cavanagh: Innovators – how infosec ingenuity is speeding up, and how we can keep the momentum

11AM – Alasdair Gordon: To the four winds – high-risk data in a decentralised workforce

11AM – Professors Lexing Xie and Seth Lazar – Ethics in a crisis: contact tracing and other information risks

11AM – Dr. James Muecke: Public health data – what can we do to leverage new datasets emerging right now?

11AM – Anne Cornish: The more things change – previous disruptions and the lessons we can learn

10:30 AM – Peter Bertacco: Remediation and regulation – how will the pandemic affect banking audit and reform?

11AM – Andrew Barr: Knowledge economy: – how can we turn the crisis into an opportunity for growth?

11AM – Kylie Good: Leading from the front – how will lead agencies show the way for records control?

4PM – Colin Gniel: Integrity and control – how can we protect our important information right now?

11AM – Deborah Young: RegTech Trends – what is happening with automation and AI in response to COVID? 

4PM – Danielle Morland: Crisis communications – what information to share and what to protect in a disruption

11AM – Petr Adamek: Hastening slowly – what key information governance opportunistic startups need right now

4PM – Dr. Jones Lukose: Chaos in the courts – how will  increasingly chaotic data affect the judiciary?

4PM – Louise West: Data tsunami – how can we keep accuracy with so much data coming, so fast?

11AM – Dr. Elizabeth Ratnam: Using that data – how we can use emerging information to plan for the future

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