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how do we do this without customising or integrating with your systems?

Castlepoint sits independently from your systems.  There’s no custom code required, and you don’t need to buy and maintain dozens of separate agents or connectors.  It’s low-touch to implement, configure and maintain, with business owners able to update settings themselves. 

Most organisations have dozens of key systems – large organisations can have thousands. How can you make all of these systems compliant with applicable records management, privacy, security and information handling requirements? Customising hundreds of systems to register, classify and sentence records is not feasible, and adding connectors or custom tools to each one is expensive, technically risky and high maintenance. Integration with the EDRMS is challenging, especially when it comes to structured data. Castlepoint compliantly controls the data in all of your systems, without requiring customisation, complex integration, or data duplication to the EDRMS. 


Castlepoint uses workflows, log discovery and codeless components to monitor and scan systems. This keeps your environment clean, stable and fully supportable by your vendors.


​Castlepoint does not have to be integrated with each of your business systems, either directly or using connectors. No need to bind different systems together.


Castlepoint doesn't require any business system customisation, or affect existing features. The upgrade paths and sustainability of your systems are unaffected.


Castlepoint is implemented once, to cover all your systems. There are no complex rules engines - business owners can maintain and modify it easily themselves.

Castlepoint is security compliant and won’t compromise your systems or data.  It’s available on premises or cloud hosted.  Castlepoint is flexible, adaptable and extensible to suit your unique environment requirements.

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