The inevitability of automation

Visit iDM Magazine for our latest article on trends in information regulation affecting organisations – and what this means for traditional records management.

The drive to automate comes partly from Federal government (the Department of Finance recommended a move to automation in 2015), but mostly from the impracticality of continuing to register, sentence and dispose of records using people-power. The problems experienced by government agencies in trying to grapple with their records using traditional systems are compounding and require a change in approach.

Our population is growing – the public sector is growing – and information holdings are set to double twice a day by 2020. We already can’t keep up. It’s time to automate (but carefully…)

2 thoughts on “The inevitability of automation”

  1. Hello Castlepoint,

    Loving reading your compelling and well referenced posts. I am having difficulty locating the Castlepoint case studies that was mentioned in one of your posts. Specifically looking for the Records & Information Management (RIM) compliance & risk mitigation benefits gained by using an AI tool. Hoping to read examples of what the AI tool was designed to discover & how the requesting govt agency was able to use those findings to achieve significant RIM improvements & even classification automation efficiencies either with or without ML . Links to any IDM articles would be fine but they tend to mostly cover what the AI tool discovered & not so much how the agency then implemented changes & RIM compliance improvements.

    Best regards
    Jeanette Inglis

    1. Hi Jeanette! Yes not a problem at all, I will send a detailed business case document to you at your email address. It has a lot of information on the benefits and risk mitigations from use of the AI, and case studies with specific clients. Very happy to discuss any time!

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