Manage Information Anywhere

Castlepoint is a complete records and information management solution for all of your electronic records, in any of your business information systems.

​Step 1 - Register

We read and register every item in an environment, no matter what format or source system. We capture all the information about the item into our register

Step 2 - Classify and Index​

We use Artificial Intelligence to classify items and aggregations against rule sets (Records Authorities, security policies or ontologies, for example)

Step 3 - Manage​

We actively manage the item over time, updating their classifications whenever they are modified. We actively manage and report on  high-value/high-risk information.

Step 4 - Dispose

When a record comes due for disposal, we alert the records team, and show them where all the file parts are in any system, so that they can be disposed of.

​Rec​ords Manage​r Discovery Examples

  • Find everything due for disposition this week, in every single system
  • Find everything sentenced with a particular Class, including RNA/RSA items
  • Find everything related to an individual record or topic, across all systems
  • Find everything overdue for disposition, and see its potential risk and value
  • Find underclassified records, or items stored out of place
  • Report on all aspects of your records management regime

User discovery​ Examples

  • Find everything from a function you need to transfer to another business area
  • Find every record you are working on across the enterprise through a single portal
  • Find everything related to your topic, no matter where it is
  • Find records from systems you are allowed to view but don’t have direct access to 
  • Find high-risk items, and view important events that happen to them
  • Find high-value items, and re-use them to get full value from your assets

Castlepoint catalogues systems and information regardless of location or format, including Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft SharePoint, databases, line of business applications, bespoke systems, legacy data stores, existing Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS), and social media for example. All information is registered in our information asset register, and remains in its source system for its whole lifespan. We take records and regulatory control to the information – we don’t need the information to be brought to our records and regulatory system.  This means users are not impacted by compliance obligations, and data integrity is not affected by migration or duplication.

Contact us for a demonstration, presentation or a copy of the business whitepaper and the technical bluepaper.