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Castlepoint - Manage Information Everywhere

Castlepoint is a complete records and information management solution for all of your electronic records, in any of your business information systems.

No customisation of your systems          No integration interdependency          No user impact          Full compliance

Step 1 - Register
Step 2 - Classify and IndexStep 3 - ManageStep 4 - Dispose
MI​E silently monitors your business systems, and identifies when a new record is created. It registers that record as a new aggregation, or links to it an existing related aggregation.​MIE uses Artificial Intelligence to review the context and the content of the record, and determines its Records Authority Class, as well as its ontology.​MIE actively manages the classification of the record over time.  As new items are added or changed to the aggregation, MIE updates the sentence and the retention period.​​When a record comes due for disposal, MIE alerts the records management team, and shows them where all the file parts are in any system. MIE includes a sentence control record. 

Records stay in place in their source system          No duplication or migration of data          MIE is invisible to users

​Records are automatically managed in-place, and the categorisation engine analyses the context of all managed information to relate systems, information, metadata, and schema together to assist in the discovery, management, and compliance of information.  MIE can manage millions or records, in thousands of systems, simultaneously. 

Rec​ords Manage​r Discovery
User discovery
  • ​Find everything due for disposition this week in every single system.
  • Find everything sentenced with a particular Class
  • Find everything related to an individual record
  • Find everything overdue for disposition
  • Find everything from a function you need to MOG
  • Find every record you are working on across the enterprise through a single portal
  • Find everything related to your topic no matter where it is
  • Find records from systems you are allowed to view but don't actually have direct access to  ​


Castlepoint catalogues systems and information regardless of location or format, including Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft SharePoint, databases, line of business applications, bespoke systems, legacy data stored, EDRMS, and social media. All information is added to the managed repositories and can be accessed, viewed, and visualised within the system.

Contact us for a demonstration, presentation or a copy of the business whitepaper and the technical bluepaper

          ​​           Rachael Greaves - Chief Information Officer - +61 488 114 767