Manage Information Anywhere

Castlepoint is a compliance, security and discovery management solution for all of your electronic data, in any of your business information systems.

Manage your whole organisation's


  • Records retention
  • Regulatory rules
  • Freezes and holds
  • Reporting

Security, Audit

  • Sensitive information 
  • Classified information
  • Auditing and investigations
  • Risk data


  • Search for items
  • Browse by functions and topics
  • View trends over time
  • Support FOI and eDiscovery

Castlepoint catalogues systems and information regardless of location or format, including Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft SharePoint, databases, line of business applications, bespoke systems, legacy data stores, existing Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS), and social media, for example. Castlepoint can manage any information format, in any system, on premises or in the cloud.

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