Audit and Compliance

Castlepoint identifies information and automatically determines what regulations and policies apply to the data, and whether they are being met.

Get maximum value from your existing information assets and systems by making them more discoverable, auditable and compliant – automatically.

Command and control across your enterprise

Castlepoint creates an information asset register of every document, email, database row, chat message, or web page across your whole enterprise. As well as capturing all the properties of those items, and analysing and classifying their content, Castlepoint also captures their event history.

For the first time, you can have eyes on all your data.

Some key capabilities

Audit Logs

In a central dashboard

Actionable Events

Get alerted to activities

Sensitive Information

Detect it automatically


Automate the process of identifying breaches of secrecy, privacy, and information handling rules, anywhere in the environment. Castlepoint’s sensitive data signalling helps you prevent breaches and spills, and respond better and faster to incidents.


Know what information is where, and who is doing what to it. See and receive alerts on all actions across the network, and review what has happened to each item over time. Automatically identify PII, PCI, PHI, and other sensitive data no matter where it’s being kept.


Speed up the process of audit planning, execution, and reporting by having full command and control across the network. Make your reporting and analysis more defensible and more evidence-based, while also making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Castlepoint is also known for cybersecurity capabilities.

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