Castlepoint’s powerful eDiscovery allows an overview of all records in all systems through a single interface.

Search all the content and metadata of any file or database, in any system, on-premises or in the cloud, with no business or system impacts.

True enterprise discovery, with compliant control.

Castlepoint registers everything in your network in its own, secure database. It captures all the properties of your documents, database entries, mail, social, and web content, as well as all the topics and people discussed in them. When you search in Castlepoint, you get relevant results from every system in just one click.

Some key capabilities

Advanced Search

Complex queries


Search any taxonomy

Named Entity Recognition

People, places, codes…


Find and add alerts on all your high-value information, and see where it is sitting, from a single screen. Take an enterprise level view of your data, searching and browsing everything, without being limited by available metadata or source system constraints. Use taxonomies to find anything synonymous with your topic of interest, no matter where it is. Comply with eDiscovery rules and processes. View and export dashboards and reports for any dataset or topic.


Provide defensible eDiscovery results by searching every item in every system, and easily generate reports. Use Boolean and advanced search features to run complex queries. OCR content that has previously not been readable, and index any file type (including legacy formats, Zip and archive files, and structured data). Automatically detect and review sensitive, classified, high risk, and high value records. Manage ESI using eHold and compliant export and preservation.


Save up to 98% in effort costs for eDiscovery searches and reports, including across legacy and bespoke systems. Reduce the productivity impact of searching by exploring every system (and every synonym) through one pane of glass. Make better decisions, using more comprehensive, accurate, and defensible data. Remonetise and reuse ‘lost’ information to extract maximum value from your data assets.

Castlepoint is also known for audit and compliance capabilities.

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