Records Management

Castlepoint reads, registers and automatically classifies all the information in a network, in every format and every system.

Castlepoint automates records management for any information format, in any system.

The world’s leading AI records management solution.

With true autoclassification, Castlepoint’s manage in place capability assures your compliance across the whole records lifecycle. Our industry-defining solution does not require you to manage rules engines, file plans, or supervise any Machine Learning.

Some key capabilities


Accurate, transparent


Destroy or preserve


Manage the continuum


Make compliance invisible to users and fully automated. Accuracy is benchmarked over 98%, and our AI is fully transparent and traceable (with no ‘black box’ or algorithm hiding the reasoning for the classification). For the first time, you can manage retention and disposal across every system, including shared drives, legacy EDRMS, Office 365, business systems, cloud-hosted systems, and any other platform (without needing to buy connectors).


Castlepoint reads and registers every item in every system, and uses AI to classify it and determine appropriate lifecycle controls. There is no need to rely on metadata, rules engines, or file plans (and you don’t have to train the AI yourself). Apply any combination of disposal schedules to your records, and overlay other retention obligations from regulations, eHolds, or audits. Easily add and change regulations over time. Automatically detect sensitive or classified information in records, and see usage over time, to help plan for disposal or transfer.


Take the compliance burden off users, and off the records team. Automate records classification with trusted and transparent AI. Deduplicate and destroy data securely, confidently, and at scale, reducing the ongoing risk and management burden of obsolete records. Avoid technical debt with no agents, connectors, or customisations required for your source systems. Make records management the hero of the organisation by having full visibility for search, audit, and compliance.

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