Cyber security

Castlepoint is command and control AI that gives you the high ground over your risk.

Castlepoint brings together the full story of an operation, asset or individual across the whole enterprise and over all time, so you can see what you have, where it is, and who is doing what to it.

Shine the light on all your dark data.

Castlepoint reads all the content of every item, in any format. It can determine whether something is sensitive, risky, classified, or subject to secrecy provisions under law, without needing to rely on metadata or labels. It uses advanced AI to automatically detect and alert on your risky data, anywhere it might be hiding.

Some key capabilities

National Security

Find CUI/classified data

Legislative secrecy

Map civil/criminal fines


Manage unique risks


Gain a command-and-control position above all data and user activity in the environment, to identify problems early. Be able to quantify your risk – how many millions in penalties, how may years in jail time, does your riskiest data represent if it is spilled? Reduce reliance on staff understanding all the risks and applying the right controls… and manage risks specific to your own context, like your own IP or audits.


Apply your secrecy, information-handling and privacy obligations across all systems and data in the network. Use regular expression and ontology to find and alert on risky information, and data with high value to threat actors, so it can be properly protected. Find PII, PCI, and PHI to ensure compliance with policy. Use the audit capability to see user behaviour patterns, and the records management capability to lawfully dispose of risky data, reducing how much risk you carry.


Reduce the impact and resultant cost of a data breach by regularly removing risky data in accordance with law. Reduce the time it takes to review, quantify, and respond to a breach, and prevent future breaches by finding and removing unsecured passwords, IP addresses, and other information that could be exploited. Reduce the reputational harm of a spill by demonstrating strong and responsible governance.