About Castlepoint

About Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a single solution to manage all of the records in your organisation. It registers every record in every business system, and uses Artificial Intelligence to classify it against a Records Authority and apply a sentence. It acts as a single pane of glass to find, relate, manage and audit every record in your network, no matter what system it is stored in – and it does this without any impact on your existing systems or your user base. 

We believe solutions are for problemsWe don’t provide anything that doesn’t have a clear business benefit.

We believe you have unique needs.  We don’t sell a one size fits all implementation that doesn’t consider your specific business requirements.

We believe users outnumber records managers by a thousand to one.  We don’t try to turn them all into records management experts.

We believe anything that slows down productivity is a bad thing.  We don’t build roadblocks, we build expressways.

We believe compliance can never be compromised.  We don’t accept that enterprises can’t be 100% records-controlled.

We believe technology platforms should never be destabilised.  We don’t custom-code or tightly couple with your systems, affecting supportability.

We believe you need to be strategic about your purchases.  We don’t build solutions that need lots of sustainment or high-touch management.

We believe selling to you isn’t the primary goal.  We don’t vanish once you’ve invested, leaving you without support.

We are certified records managers.  We are certified in technology.  We are certified in information security and audit.  We are certified in project and change management.  We have over 25 years’ experience in information management technology solutions for government and private enterprise.

We developed Castlepoint to fill a gap.

 To allow organisations to leverage all the collaborative and usability features of their business systems, while also providing comprehensive and compliant records management tools.  We hit the limits of available solutions, and wanted to go further.  We saw the big difference between ‘compliance in theory’ and ‘compliance in reality’ for organisations.  We saw the business and system impacts of compliance, and found a way to solve them.

Chief Technology Officer

Gavin McKay

+61 404 151 729


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Castlepoint MIE Digital Continuity 2020 Bluepaper

Chief Information Officer

Rachael Greaves

+61 488 114 767


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Castlepoint MIE Digital Continuity 2020 Whitepaper