​Procuring Castlepoint

how can we get started?

Castlepoint is one solution for all your systems. The licensing model is per organisation, so you can use it on as many systems, across as much data, and for as many users as you want to, without incurring extra costs. 


We license by organisation. No matter how big you are, or how many records you have, Castlepoint has a flat cost to own and run.


Set up of Castlepoint takes days, not months. We can implement it in your network, or in a secure, accredited government cloud.


We provide an online portal for training, how tos, change control and support. Support channels include phone, email, chat and social.


We are experts in records management and security, and can help you develop governance, policy and processes if you need them.

Modern, leading edge technology allows Castlepoint to be much more efficient and maintainable than traditional records management products. We don’t employ sales staff – we engage with you directly from the outset. This is why we can keep Castlepoint at a more reasonable price point, in the tens of thousands per year, instead of hundreds of thousands.