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Castlepoint is trusted by two thirds of Australian federal government portfolios that have implemented its category-defining AI. Castlepoint now manages over 286.5 million records for its clients, equating more than ten records per Australian citizen, in over 1.6 million separate systems. The company has identified more than a quarter of a billion sensitive and high-risk records in enterprises that require protection, and applied records retention rules to these so they can be appropriately preserved or lawfully destroyed, reducing the potential harm of any future data spill.

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Agriculture and Environment

Castlepoint is used by governments to help protect natural resources and agricultural industries. With the ability to match data to geographic locations and regulations, Castlepoint helps with enforcement activities and investigations.

Join agencies like the Federal Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, the Australian Antarctic Division, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Melbourne Water, and the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water in using Castlepoint to solve some of our greatest environmental challenges.

Finance and Treasury

Castlepoint helps some of the largest and oldest government agencies and regulators apply compliant control across their information environments, helping progress their mission of ensuring fairness, equity, and prosperity.

Join organisations like the Commonwealth Department of the Treasury and the Australian Financial Security Authority in meeting their obligations with Castlepoint, improving performance, and ensuring community trust.

Health and Welfare

In a threat environment where medical information is at high risk of theft, and when governments around the world have had to rapidly deploy resources to respond to the physical and mental impacts of the COVID 19 global pandemic, our health clients have adopted compliant AI with Castlepoint to help them respond to risk.

Join trusted organisations like the Department of Health Victoria and the Department of Families, Fairness, and Housing, Aboriginal Hostels Limited, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Communities agencies, and health regulators in using Castlepoint to manage information efficiently across the network.

Industry and Infrastructure

The maintenance of national infrastructure is important not only for the economy, but for national security. Our roads, rail, and airports are at significant risk from any global conflict, and the control and protection of operational information has never been more important.

Join organisations like the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator, the Western Sydney Airport, a national broadband supplier, Southern Metro Cemeteries Trust, and local councils like Hobart City, Sunshine Coast, and Waikato Regional Council in taking the steps required to safeguard land, trade, and travel.

Higher Education and Research

Universities and colleges support tens of thousands of students, and hold some of the most sensitive intellectual property generated by our greatest minds. Universities and vocational training organisations have been increasingly targeted by cyber attacks on personal information and Research and Development.

Join institutions like the Australian National University, Griffith University, Charles Darwin University, and Melbourne Polytechnic in changing their risk profile with Castlepoint’s enterprise AI.

Law and Justice

The Rule of Law is a fundamental tenet of the way we ensure equality, fairness, and equity in our communities. Access to justice is a vital principle of modern democracies, and the agencies and organisations who make and enforce laws are a key part of the democratic process. Transparency, accountability, and integrity are essential and must be able to be demonstrated in the way institutions manage and use information.

Join key institutions like the New Zealand Ministry of Justice and the Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations in ensuring their data is discoverable, defensible, secure, and trustworthy with Castlepoint.

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The power of the Castlepoint product ensures that any file created or moved to a folder location (including emails), within these systems will automatically be records managed with no requirement from the user to actively place a record in a separate system.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority – Annual Report 2020-2021
AFMA manages fishing resources in Australia

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