Our Leadership Team

Meet the Castlepoint Executive Team and general managers.

Rachael Greaves

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael is Co-Founder and CEO of Castlepoint Systems.

She is a records and information management and cyber security thought leader and designed the Castlepoint command and control product. Rachael has consulted on large-scale records, security and audit projects in government and regulated industries with complex integrated environments. She developed Castlepoint in response to the tension seen in organisations between compliance, usability, sustainability and cost.

Rachael is a Certified Information Professional (CIP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Data Privacy Systems Engineer (CDPSE), and is certified in project, change, and records management. She was awarded the Female RegTech Entrepreneur of the Year 2022, and Australia’s Most Outstanding Woman in IT Security 2022.

Gavin McKay

Chief Technology Officer

Gavin McKay is the CTO and co-founder of Castlepoint, overseeing the research, development and engineering teams of the industry-disrupting AI company, and setting the product direction. 

His extensive background in IT started at university in Canberra and, after his move to the UK in the 2000s, he joined one of the first businesses to deploy large scale rollouts of Microsoft SharePoint. He has worked for 30 years with large scale and complex infrastructure and software, co-founding a blob storage company Stepwise in Canberra in 2010, followed by STLP Consulting in 2012 and then Castlepoint Systems in 2018. 

Gavin has worked alongside Rachael Greaves (Castlepoint CEO and co-founder) for over ten years on some of the most critical government and industry platforms in Australia, and their experience auditing and architecting cyber, records, and compliance systems led them to conceptualize, and then create, Castlepoint: a single solution to manage all the data, in all the systems, all the time (and compliantly), without the impacts of traditional technologies. 

As CTO, Gavin is responsible for ensuring that the product roadmap stays ahead of the curve, while maintaining the architectural principles of full coverage, no impact. Gavin sets the heading and supports the Product team’s developers, researchers, and senior engineers to continually expand our use cases and deliver real transformation for clients. 

Charles Pittar

GM, Growth & Customer Success

At Castlepoint, Charles is responsible for driving business growth and ensuring we deliver amazing customer experiences.

He is a globally recognised senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in technology, strategy, and leadership roles at some of the world’s most respected public companies – including Macquarie Group, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs.

He began his career programming at Microsoft and went on to drive and optimise major infrastructure footprints, cloud computing migration, information security solutions, secure collaboration technology implementations and SaaS technology company leadership.

If you need help for a trivia night, Charles can answer ANY question about the Rolling Stones.

Lyndal Hughson

GM, Operations

At Castlepoint, Lyndal is responsible for managing operations from staffing to procedures to project management.

Lyndal is an experienced business management professional with experience in diverse sectors including professional services, financial services, not-for-profit, community and cultural.

Her range of experience includes investment accounting and unit pricing, financial accounting, project management, vendor relationship management, government liaison and relationship management, compliance, IT management, funding applications, company secretarial, team management and product development.

Tania Mushtaq

Head of Marketing and Communications

At Castlepoint, Tania is responsible for strategic growth marketing, communications, public and analyst relations.

Tania has over 20 years’ experience leading and growing start-ups and scale-ups across Asia Pacific and Japan and globally.

Her range of experience includes sales, change management, digital and field marketing, communications and public relations across banking and financial services, cyber security, SaaS and consumer technology.

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