AI explainability for defensible decision making - the ultimate checklist

Webinar Recording: This masterclass reveals everything you need to know about AI and difference between various AI technologies! The session uncovers AI technology approaches, explainability regulations and how ethical AI helps with defensible decisioning and compliance.

This interactive masterclass was presented to RIMPA members in December 2023 attracting a large audience and extremely positive feedback. You can access the recording of the session below.

The session focuses on providing a practical understanding of the laws and obligations around Artificial Intelligence (AI) explainability for information governance professionals. As these professionals join the AI autoclassification revolution, they need to ensure that AI-led decisions are explainable and defensible. This is important not just for Archives and Standards compliance, but also for new laws related to Ethical AI.  

Rachael Greaves, co-founder and CEO of Castlepoint Systems, with years of practical experience and qualifications in this space, uncovers the reasons why it is critical for records and information managers to know the explainability rules, understand the AI technology approaches, and implement explainable outcomes in their sentencing, appraisal, and disposition processes.  

In this session, you will discover: 

  • What is AI explainability? 
  • What are the regulations around it?  
  • Why is it critical to the roles of IMs and RMs? 
  • How can we ensure explainability in the age of AI? A checklist of practical actions to take.