Castlepoint named in Australia’s Top 100 Innovators for 2023

Castlepoint founders Rachael Greaves and Gavin McKay have again been recognised by The Australian as two of the top innovators in Australia, after first entering the List in 2022.

From the article: Rachael Greaves started Castlepoint Systems with husband Gavin McKay, with the pair originally building their software for their own consulting projects to address the limitations of traditional software and its inability to meet regulatory and statutory obligations in government. The company’s platform uses ethical AI to discover, classify and control every document, email, chat message, database or web page in an organisation’s network, identifying rogue data and potential compliance risks based on regulatory rules and reporting. Two-thirds of Australian federal government portfolios have now implemented Castlepoint’s AI technologies, which Greaves says reflects the public sector’s transition to leveraging ethical AI for information governance and risk management. The firm has grown its headcount to nearly 40, and is now on the hunt for additional capital, after raising $3m in a round led by CSIRO-linked deep tech investment fund Main Sequence in 2021. “We’re looking at Australian, UK, EU and US bases to find the most appropriate ones to support the growth,” Greaves says. “Because we’re a values-driven organisation, finding the right alignment is really key for us.”

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