Webinar Recording: Information Protection and Privacy for Higher Education

How can Higher Education institutions remain compliant at scale while securing their information to avoid costly penalties.

Australian universities and vocational education and training (VET) institutions – and their counterparts around the world – have always been hubs of information sharing and collaboration. Free flow of information is essential for knowledge generation and research, making these organisations trusted custodians. But the Higher Education sector has become a prime target for data breaches and cyberattacks because of an abundance of personal, sensitive and intellectual property information combined with budgetary pressures and stretched resources. At the same time, legislation around privacy and information protection is changing and growing exponentially, while the window of leniency around data breaches is closing.

Universities not only have to keep pace with the changes in legislation and manage change fatigue, but also reduce their threat surface in the event of a breach.  They need to do more to protect their information than they have ever done before. The question is, how?

In our webinar with CAUDIT, Gabrielle Ingram, Head of Information Management and Solutions at Griffith University and Rachael Greaves, CEO of Castlepoint Systems explored how changing legislation will impact universities and some of the ways Higher Education institutions can remain compliant and safe without grappling with what regulations apply to what information. The webinar contains valuable insights on leveraging AI to discover information, including dark data, across all systems and take a proactive approach to retention, disposition and security management to mitigate the impact of any breaches.

You can view the recording here