​Procuring Castlepoint

how can we get started?

Castlepoint is one solution for all your systems. The licensing model is per network, so you can use it on as many systems, across as much data, and for as many users as you want to, without incurring any extra costs. There are no license costs for connectors or agents for each individual system – one license covers all your systems.


We license by network (with free licenses for staging environments). No matter how many users, systems or records you have, Castlepoint has a flat cost to own and run.


Set up of Castlepoint takes days, not months. We can implement it in your network, or in a secure, accredited government cloud.


We provide an online portal for training, how-tos, change control and support. Support channels include phone, email, chat and social.


We are experts in records management and security, and can help you develop governance, policy and processes if you need them.

We implemented Castlepoint in one of Australia’s oldest federal government departments, with over 10,000 staff. Castlepoint was used to compliantly manage the SharePoint and shared drive systems, and to support strategic management and business intelligence work by the agency. The implementation includes identification of high-risk data and proactive security reporting. Castlepoint has allowed the department to completely refresh its strategic approach to recordkeeping, by allowing it to manage information and records at the enterprise level. 

We implemented Castlepoint for a new International Airport. We implemented Castlepoint to support the security and privacy obligations of the organisation, including by identifying and actively managing commercial-in-confidence, national security related and other high-risk information across the Office 365 environment (including email). This has allowed the organisation to turn off deletion restrictions initially configured on the SharePoint environment, which had also restricted Move and Rename privileges for users. By allowing users delete permissions, and observing all delete actions for records of value, the airport was able to increase uptake and usability of the Office 365 system without affecting compliance. 

We implemented Castlepoint at one of the world’s leading research universities, with over 30,000 staff and students. We implemented Castlepoint to support a large-scale data migration. Using Castlepoint, we audited a legacy collaboration system with over 5,000 project and team sites to identify, based on regulatory obligations, risk and value, which content was required to be migrated into SharePoint. We mapped all legacy content to current business owners using a four-dimensional named entity ontology, and designed and implemented the process of engaging with business owners to confirm migration requirements; provision target sites; transfer and validate the migration; and manage the migration processes. We were able to confirm that over 50% of the content was overdue for disposition, and had no continuing value, saving significant effort by reducing the migration scope. We also identified multiple records that were sensitive, allowing the records team to liaise with the current business owners (who Castlepoint also identified) on their target security.

We implemented Castlepoint in a peak funding body for medical research, which operates on a budget of roughly $900 million a year. We implemented Castlepoint to transform the agency to use an AI-driven classification model instead of a manual sentencing approach. The agency determined that the Castlepoint system was able to achieve 100% accuracy on records sentencing against records authorities, compared to 25% accuracy for the manual sentencer. The organsastion also found significant time and costs savings for discovery, of up to 98% for eDiscovery activities on the shared drive, including against the full ontology of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. 

We implemented Castlepoint for a government owned statutory authority that controls much of the water system in a State Capital city, including reservoirs, sewerage and drainage systems. We implemented Castlepoint across multiple disparate information systems, to apply records controls and enable discovery across large amounts of data, varying in age and importance. By developing ontologies of assets (water treatment plants, catchments etc.). Castlepoint was able to identify gaps in information management around key infrastructure, and contribute to the development of a new Records Series and legislative authority for records dispositions. 

Modern, leading-edge technology allows Castlepoint to be much more efficient and maintainable than traditional regtech products. We don’t customise your systems or disrupt your users, so we don’t have high development or analysis costs We also don’t employ dedicated sales staff – our core team engage with you directly from the outset. This is why we can keep Castlepoint at a more reasonable price point, in the tens-of-thousands per year, instead of hundreds-of-thousands or even millions. 

Castlepoint Systems is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted ethically, in accordance with applicable laws and best practices, and in the best interests of our clients, our community, and the environment. View our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy here. 

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