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Australian Fisheries Management Authority

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The Challenge

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is the agency responsible for the management and sustainable use of fisheries resources, including combating illegal fishing activity, and employs 170 staff around Australia.

AFMA manages large sets of information captured by its dispersed workforce, which includes classified and sensitive information related to enforcement. AFMA is subject to regulatory controls for the handling of this data.

The Solution

In 2020, we implemented Castlepoint to manage the AFMA SharePoint system, so that it could be used as the official agency EDRMS. AFMA subsequently migrated their content into the new system, decommissioned their Content Manager (Trim) EDRMS, and made their shared drives read-only.

Castlepoint is used by AFMA to records-manage all of the content in SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange, invisibly to users, and with no connectors or agents on the source system. The AI classification and sentencing does not require user or records manager effort to assign metadata or manage file plans, which has significantly improved the coverage, accuracy, and efficiency of enterprise records management.

The original EDRMS had not seen wide uptake across the business, despite investment in training and communications activities, and was no longer seen as providing sufficient compliance coverage. Most important records of business were saved outside the EDRMS. AFMA recognised the need to know and control all of their records, including those in ‘unmanaged’ systems. As well as records-management, AFMA recognised its obligations for audit, risk, and discovery, and wanted a whole-of-lifecycle tool.

Castlepoint was implemented in June 2020, and configured to include all of AFMA’s General and core business Records Authorities.

The solution offers an improved user experience and increases the uptake of appropriate record keeping practices and significantly enhances collaboration across the agency. This was achieved by providing staff with a seamless record keeping approach with minimal input by users to create and file records. The new EDRMS is also guided by government privacy policies and provisions for secure storage of information.

Since delivery of the new system, AFMA has seen a significant increase in online collaboration and records compliance, as all documents are now created in the EDRMS with records management automatically being applied at point of creation.

What was integral to the success of the project was AFMA’s ability to utilise its modern “cloud” products to seamlessly integrate a range of its information holdings while ensuring the solution system was compliant with the Australian Archives Act 1983, was user friendly and took the effort out of records management practices.

The power of the Castlepoint product ensures that any file created or moved to a folder location (including emails), within these systems will automatically be records managed with no requirement from the user to actively place a record in a separate system.”

AFMA Annual Report – 2020-2021
AFMA manages fishing resources in Australia

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