How a major research university improved information management and privacy

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The Challenge

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is a member of the seven Innovative Research Universities in Australia and was established in 2003 after a merger of three other institutions. With multiple sites, as well as online course delivery, the University has a complex information environment, rich with high-value and sensitive data.

The Solution

CDU implemented Castlepoint to provide regulatory control over its Office 365 environment, which includes SharePoint Online, Teams, and Exchange Online, as well as it’s intranet.

Castlepoint now maps all the data from those repositories against records retention rules, ontologies, and risk-management rules, through a single pane of glass. Previous approaches to records and information management at CDU had focused on centralising data into records compliance systems (EDRMS), which had not provided a fully scalable or usable solution.

CDU engaged Castlepoint to implement the command and control system on its secure cloud network, with access to its O365 platform initially. As part of the project, the Castlepoint regulatory team converted the Northern Territory Government Administrative Function Disposal Schedule into rules-as-code.

Castlepoint security and privacy SMEs also provided advice on development of a Privacy Impact Assessment for the new system.

Installation, access connections, and testing were completed in four days, and the system went live in production.

The Result

One of CDU’s key strategic priorities is to improve the research support environment. With Castlepoint, CDU can now address disjointed information management and inefficiency.

Capabilities used:

  • Agentless management of multiple systems
  • Invisible, automated compliance for users
  • Artificial Intelligence for data classification
  • Automated record sentencing with AI
  • Automated identification of high-risk data
  • Comprehensive auditing and monitoring
  • eDiscovery for high value information
  • Cloud-hosted and secure platform

By automating the core transactional service of records sentencing, and significantly reducing the cost of finding, relating and controlling information across systems, Castlepoint will continue to generate significant savings for all areas of the University, and reduce risk.

CDU are a very progressive university who take their regulatory and security obligations seriously. We are proud to partner with them on this important work.”

Rachael Greaves, CEO, Castlepoint

Rachael Greaves

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