How a university undertook safe, secure data migration with Castlepoint

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The Challenge

Migration is an important and frequently necessary part of the data lifecycle, but inappropriate migration can cause irreversible damage. The Dallas Police, for example, lost over 8 million files this way, a disaster affecting important cases and costing a great deal to try to recover from.

The Australian National University is one of the world’s leading research universities and wanted to prevent this kind of issue.

The Solution

Castlepoint was implemented to support a large-scale data migration project. Castlepoint audited a legacy system which had over 5,000 collaboration sites to identify (based on regulatory obligations, risk and value) which content was required to be migrated into the new cloud environment.

We mapped all legacy content to current business owners using a four-dimensional named entity ontology, and provided the data needed to properly engage with those business owners to confirm migration requirements; transfer and validate the migration, and manage the migration processes.


Records analysed by Castlepoint

8 million

Key phrases extracted for classifications and discovery


Separate collaboration sites registered

The Result

We were able to confirm that over 50% of the content was overdue for disposition, and had no continuing value, saving significant effort by reducing the migration scope. We also identified multiple records that were sensitive, allowing the records team to liaise with the current business owners (who Castlepoint also identified) on their target security.

We used the Castlepoint system to migrate the records compliantly, extracting, transforming, and loading it into the target environment with all of its content, metadata, audit trail and security context.
The unsupported legacy system was able to be officially decommissioned, and the data with continuing value was properly preserved (without causing any data spill).

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