More case studies with Federal government

One of our case studies has recently been published in IDM Magazine. We previously discussed the findings in this post.

In the time since undertaking this work with that agency, we have deployed Castlepoint in many other government departments. Each has a different use case for Castlepoint – one is using CP over Office 365 as their new EDRMS. One uses CP primarily for security and compliance audit (the Agency is still too new to even have its own Records Authority, although we have extracted retention requirements from dozens of applicable Acts and Regulations to use for sentencing in the interim. One is using it to help control, interpret and map its data for the purposes of strategy and policy development.

At the Australian National University, we are currently using Castlepoint to manage a large migration from a legacy collaboration system into Office 365, by registering and reading all the content over the approximately 5,000 sites, and classifying it against RAs, high-risk terms and high-value terms. We have also mapped the current ANU organisation structure to all historical name changes over time (back to 1942), so that we can find the current ‘owner’ of information that may not have been touched in a decade or more, but that needs a risk or value decision made about its retention.

By doing this work prior to migration, we are minimising the migration cost (by ensuring we don’t bring records that are already overdue for disposition and have no ongoing value); minimising the migration risk (by making sure we don’t ‘spill’ any sensitive data from the old system into the new one); maximising value (by making sure that the valuable information hiding in the old system is registered, discoverable, and assigned to its business owners); and of course applying compliance (by sentencing all records against the applicable RAs, freezes/holds and other handling laws).

Keep an eye on IDM Magazine each month for another article from me – next month answers the question “what is a record, really”. In the coming months we will also write up some more of our case studies, so stay tuned (and register for the iDM Newsletter if you haven’t already).