DC2020 failures confirmed by ANAO

In 2017, I wrote an article about the problems with the Digital Continuity 2020 program, specifically its Business Systems Assessment Framework (BSAF) approach to achieving records compliance in business systems. The BSAF could never have worked, and ANAO has since found that the gains expected by the program will not be achieved by 2020 (or, …

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Mechanical Turks

As digital continuity becomes more of a priority for organisations, we see an increasing focus on automated solutions for records classification and control. There are a few traps to be aware of when considering one of the range of offerings available. One is the ‘Mechanical Turk’ trap, where the solutions are not true automations. The …

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The broken promises of records management

The promised benefits of doing digital records management are well known – make gains (via better access to better quality information), and prevent losses (manage the risk of non-compliance or unauthorised deletion). But overall, government departments in Australia have not been able to realise these benefits for the past decade. Instead, organisations incur all of …

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