How to stay safe from compliancevirus

We are in a global pandemic, which has changed almost everything about the way we live and do business. We are seeing the effects on our jobs, our lifestyles and our finances – but what we are not seeing, and may not notice for some time, is the damage being done to our data.

As our workforce is sent home, we can expect more data breaches. Confidentiality will be affected, as people work on insecure home networks. Integrity will be affected, as less oversight leads to more mistakes and malpractice. And availability will be affected, as people work offline or use unapproved systems to store or share information.

Now is a pivotal time to get control of your high-value and high-risk data. High-value data includes your intellectual property, vital records, and ‘expensive’ data sets that have taken thousands of human hours to create and curate. High-risk data includes PII, sensitive and confidential information that you can’t afford to have compromised.

You need to know where it is, and not just based on a five-year-old manual information audit. You need to know about your dark data as well – high-value and high-risk information that is not marked or managed as such. You also need to know what is happening to it – every edit, share, download, preview and deletion, so that you can both catch breaches early, and guarantee integrity in the future if called on to do so.

Castlepoint can be configured in a few days, completely remotely (including for on-premises installs). Once set up, it starts reading, registering and regulating all information, in any system or format, straight away. It includes not only records sentencing and disposition dashboards, but also eDiscovery, security and audit dashboards and reports. Castlepoint is invisible to users, does not require changes to source systems, and is available on a month-to-month subscription, so there are no procurement challenges.

Castlepoint can help you take best advantage of this time, because we know that the bad actors certainly will be!