Press Release: Castlepoint Systems, the multi-award winning, ultimate information security and compliance platform wins ISACA Innovation Solutions Award

The world’s only platform to manage and de-risk every item and system within an entire organisation has been recognised for its landscape-changing technology solving this key business challenge.

Castlepoint Systems, a disruptive governance, risk and compliance platform, has won the prestigious ISACA Innovation Solutions Award as the world’s first technology to help manage, protect, and de-risk all information everywhere within an enterprise. 

Trusted by some of the largest government departments and enterprises in Australia and New Zealand, and now launching globally, Castlepoint helps organisations to meet their data security obligations to their stakeholders through complete visibility and control. The platform addresses the entire information governance lifecycle through a single pane of glass while remaining invisible and non-disruptive to users, existing systems, and source data. 

Castlepoint’s win of the ISACA Innovation Solutions Award shows how the platform has altered the way in which regulators now expect data to be protected, and how risk should be minimised through better information control. ISACA awards recognise outstanding and impactful contributions that advance the professional community and for Castlepoint, it noted the win “for innovating in the area of information risk and security management with artificial intelligence.”

As threats continue to grow and breaches are accelerating in a climate of new tech and greater data sharing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to properly manage their sensitive data and high-value information. In addition, data regulations are becoming more onerous, resulting in hard-earned good will being easily lost when mismanagement or data breaches occur. Being faster, more responsive, and smarter with data is key to tackling these significant challenges. 

Rachel Greaves, Castlepoint CEO, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be recognised for our technology that makes information protection and compliance stronger, for both the organisations holding the records, and the individuals who the data is about. We founded the company in the belief that there had to be a more streamlined and manageable way to de-risk our networks and protect our stakeholders. We have proven that this is not only possible, it is simple, and has enormous and rapid returns in efficiency, risk, and compliance. ISACA has recognised in our software that security cannot be focused only on reducing the likelihood of breaches – good cyber management also has to reduce the impact of any spill, by knowing ahead of time what data we have, where it is, who is doing what to it, and what inherent risk or value it has (as well as what regulatory rules apply to it).” 

Built by and for information and security managers, Castlepoint not only creates safer environments but also helps businesses to get more value out of their data. These insights drive better actions and outcomes, and can be running in production within hours, without any impact on existing processes or systems. 

About Castlepoint Systems:

Castlepoint Systems is a complete governance, risk and compliance solution enabling businesses to protect, manage and de-risk all their information everywhere. As the world’s only platform able to provide visibility and management to every item in every system, whether on-premise or in the cloud, Castlepoint provides faster and fuller proactive data protection within hours. 

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