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Leverage Castlepoint’s capabilities for any industry or information governance need, big or small.

Organisations of all sizes and in every industry are struggling to manage information discovery, governance, risk and compliance. We partner with some of the world’s leading consultancies and technology providers to implement our enterprise GRC solution.

Our solution is relied upon by Executives, governance and compliance teams, auditors, and IT security to help them meet their obligations, boost productivity, and reduce enterprise risk. Read more in our Case Studies for success stories of our existing work.

It does this completely invisibly to general users, and with no impacts on source systems or data. It can be implemented in only hours, and hand you control and oversight of all your information, in any format, in every system. Castlepoint can be implemented on-premises as well as any cloud within a single day.

We can also work with you directly and in response to tender and procurement processes. Learn more about using Castlepoint across your existing technology stack.

We are experts in these industries


Records and information management powered by AI so you can record with accuracy, retrieve at speed, comply with obligations and understand your information risk. Support your strategic management and business intelligence work. Identify high-risk data and start proactive security reporting.


Be future ready. Castlepoint can support large-scale data migration from legacy systems with no data spills or impact on users. Discover and identify sensitive data and manage privacy concerns proactively. Find and classify sensitive intellectual property and keep it secure.


Save time and money discovering your valuable information in minutes using AI. Meet your security and privacy obligations. Reduce regulatory risk exposure, including by identifying and actively managing commercial-in-confidence, national security related and other high-risk information.

Energy & Utilities

The compliance burden for regulated entities is increasing. Castlepoint can help you meet the privacy and cybersecurity commitments for critical industries by providing comprehensive information asset management, security management, tracking and reporting on all actions on classified, sensitive, high-risk, and operational records.

These are just some of the organisations currently using Castlepoint.

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