Privacy Team

Your stakeholders and staff rely on you to protect their personal information. How can you do this at scale?

Privacy Officers need to be responsive to queries and requests from inside and outside the organisation, providing current, correct, and complete reports on the location of personal information, and its usage, governance controls, and protections. They need to understand privacy laws and how they apply to different data sets, and need to provide support with scoping and developing Privacy Impact Assessments and privacy management plans. They need to work with other teams to respond to requests for information.

My role is to make sure that we respect and protect any personal information that we hold

How we help

Castlepoint automatically finds, flags, and alerts on PII, PCI, and PHI across your whole enterprise. It helps you stay compliant with your privacy obligations, including the Privacy Act, Privacy Principles, Data Protection Act, CCPA, and the seven principles of the GDPR:

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency: Our audit and discovery capability finds all PII and helps you ensure it’s not being misused across the network
  • Purpose limitation: Castlepoint’s automatic classification makes sure that any retention beyond original use is supported by regulatory records authorities
  • Data minimisation: Automatic classification and sentencing in Castlepoint ensures you are destroying personal data as soon as possible
  • Accuracy: Castlepoint finds every reference to an individual across the enterprise so that you can ensure data is accurate, wherever it’s kept
  • Storage limitation: Castlepoint compliantly destroys records containing PII in the source system so that they cannot be restored or leaked
  • Integrity and confidentiality (security): Our automated auditing and alerting tells you if PII is being accessed, used, or modified inappropriately
  • Accountability: Castlepoint ensures that you, as the controller, can demonstrate compliance across your whole enterprise.