Castlepoint is one solution for all your systems. Our pricing is all-in-one too.

We license by network, so no matter how many users, systems, or records you have, Castlepoint is a flat cost to own and run.

The licence subscription includes:

  • An enterprise licence to use the software on a single production network
  • Monthly maintenance, system checks, patching, and upgrades as required
  • User and administrator support as required.

The licensing model is per network, so you can use it on as many systems, across as much data, and for as many users as you want to, without incurring any extra costs.

There are no licence costs for connectors or agents for each individual system – one licence covers all your systems.

Castlepoint is for small businesses too. Contact us to find out more about our low-cost subscription option for smaller organisations.

We offer discounted pricing for education organisations, social enterprises, and organisations working on the environment and helping address climate change, sustainability, and conservation.

Castlepoint includes the following capabilities as part of the standard licence:

  • Records Management with automatic registration, classification, sentencing and disposition
  • Security and Privacy Management by automatically identifying high-risk information
  • Audit and monitoring with events captured on all records, by all users, and across all systems
  • Alerts and Reporting when high-risk or high-value content is created, modified, or moved
  • eDiscovery with powerful and defensible search, ontology, and relating records across systems.


We license by network, with free licences for staging environments. No matter how many users, systems, or records you have, Castlepoint is a flat cost to own and run.


Set up of Castlepoint takes hours, not months. We can implement it in your network, or in a secure, accredited government cloud.


We provide an online portal for training, how-tos, change control, and support. Support channels include phone, email, chat, and social.

Our highly qualified team can help you with the following services if required, please contact us for pricing information:

  • Assistance with upload of records disposal schedules and ontologies
  • Migration services to compliantly audit and move content between systems
  • Security and privacy auditing, impact assessments and
  • Records management services to assist with appraisal and sentencing management
  • Project and change management services.


We’re experts in records management, privacy, audit, and security, and can help you develop governance, policy, and processes if you need them.

We can also provide services for compliant data migration and business intelligence to report on trends, usage patterns, user behaviour and span of control.


Public sector organisations can procure Castlepoint on the following supplier portals in the countries listed below. Castlepoint is certified under ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and the Cloud Security Alliance STAR Program (CAIQ Cloud Controls Matrix and CSA Code of Conduct for GDPR Compliance).


Digital Marketplace prequalified supplier

DTA Cloud and Software Marketplace prequalified supplier

Local Buy Government and Industry prequalified supplier

NSW Government IT Services Scheme prequalified supplier

Tasmanian Government Technology Services MUL prequalified supplier

Australian Defence Sales Catalogue prequalified supplier

New Zealand

Pae Hokohoko Digital Marketplace prequalified supplier

Great Britain and United Kingdom

G Cloud 13 prequalified supplier (note: G Cloud 13 will be replaced by G Cloud 14 from November 2024)

JOSCAR Accredited supplier: JOSCAR is the accreditation and compliance system for the defence aerospace sectors including prime contractors, civil aviation and security.

Bloom Accredited Supplier: Bloom’s NEPRO 3 Framework offers a dynamic supply chain and provides public sector organisations with a marketplace to purchase professional services.

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