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Castlepoint automates records management, data discovery and compliance for multiple government departments and some of Australia’s largest businesses.

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Why partner with Castlepoint

A single, scalable solution

Castlepoint manages any digital information, in any format, in any system, on premises or in the cloud

Market opportunity

Organisations of all sizes and in every industry are struggling to manage information discovery, governance, risk and compliance

Boost your sales

Implementing Castlepoint commonly generates multiple projects to reduce risk and improve compliance and cyber security

Expand your compliance and security offerings

Technology service providers

  • Solve customers’ records management, risk, security, and compliance requirements all at once
  • Control the sales cycle while we provide proof of concept and bid support
  • Build revenue without the support overheads

We partner with leading technology providers and systems integrators to deliver world-leading GRC solutions.
Learn more about integrating Castlepoint with your existing technology offerings.

Grow your business and maximise margins

Consulting partners

  • Work with us to identify organisations ready for automated GRC solutions
  • Our flexible delivery options ensure a fast implementation for your clients with no impact on users
  • Take the lead on subsequent value-add services and boost your revenue

We partner with some of the world’s leading consultancy firms who can leverage our technology to build transformational services.

Boost sales with Castlepoint’s award-winning solution

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Partner with us

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We work together with our partners to identify opportunities where Castlepoint can provide a significant benefit, and where our partner can provide initial and ongoing services to drive improvements, reduce risks, and achieve efficiencies on behalf of clients.
Castlepoint will work flexibly with partners based on the nature of the opportunity and the needs of the customer and partner.
The comprehensive evidence we deliver is critical in developing business cases for uplift to enterprise-wide security and compliance. Following implementation, our partners take the lead on subsequent value-added projects that commonly arise.

A multi award-winning leader in information and records management, cyber security, and information governance

We trust Castlepoint to deliver our enterprise customers and Government agencies with powerful eDiscovery and compliance solutions in both structured and unstructured systems

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