Legal Team

Law firms and legal teams need high-performing discovery, with built in regulatory compliance

Legal officers are responsible for managing and responding to eDiscovery and eHold requests across all kinds of records, stored in all types of systems. The consequences for ineffective management of legal and FOI discoveries can be serious. A large portion of the job for legal officers is searching for potentially relevant information, but as they do not always have full access to source systems, they rely on the business to help find relevant records. This is costly, and can cause delays that affect the statutory reply timeframes.

I am responsible for an ever-increasing amount of discovery year-on-year, across all types of ESI, stored in many systems

How we help

Castlepoint supports you in applying the The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), an international standard for eDiscovery and hold. Castlepoint helps you get your electronic house in order, so that your discovery is accurate, reliable, defensible, and efficient.