What is the impact on my data?

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There is no impact on your data.

Other compliance systems require the source data itself to be moved, duplicated, or modified in order to apply the compliance rule. Moving information into compliance systems takes it out of its business context, reducing its usability. Duplicating information doubles the threat surface of PII and sensitive data, and halves the discoverability. Adding metadata labels or tags results in changes to original records, which can affect the integrity of both the record and its source system. Additionally, these labelling approaches do not address the full scope of compliance – the number of labels that can be applied is limited, meaning organisations have to choose whether to label based on retention rule, value marker or risk designation. This means that compliance is only ever addressed through a narrow lens.

Castlepoint addresses this challenge by never moving or copying information, or modifying it in any way – we register all the metadata about an item, including as many compliance attributes as required, in the Castlepoint information asset register, where it is centrally available for search, reporting and oversight.