Digital Economy Strategy

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The Digital Economy Strategy for Australia is built around three pillars:

  1. Building the foundations to grow the digital economy – The first role of government is to create the policy settings for the digital economy to flourish. This includes investing in digital infrastructure, a skilled workforce, digital inclusion, digital trade agreements, cyber security and safety, and world-class systems and regulation that encourage the adoption and creation of trusted digital technology.
  2. Building capability in emerging technologies – The Government recognises the important role of emerging technologies in driving future productivity and prosperity. It is developing its understanding of these technologies so it can build capability and keep pace with changes in technology to position Australia at the forefront of technology development and use.
  3. Setting Digital Growth Priorities to lift Australia’s ambition – The Government has identified four strategic priorities across the economy where it can partner with the private sector to drive digital growth, jobs and capability. These include:
    • lifting the digital capability of small to medium enterprises (SMEs)
    • supporting modern and globally competitive industry sectors in areas like manufacturing, agriculture, mining and construction
    • building a dynamic and emerging technology sector, and
    • delivering simple and secure digital government services.