• An electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) is a software application that manages digital information such as email, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images and scanned documents. An EDRMS can also control paper records and physical objects.
  • An EDRMS enables desktop access to information across an organisation and provides the security, access, version control and audit functionality required for better practice information management. An EDRMS can also deliver automated business processes, such as workflows and approvals
  • Rapid growth in digital information requires smarter information management. Australian Government agencies are using EDRMS to: move from paper to digital records management and manage email more effectively as corporate records, reduce or eliminate use of shared and network drives, and provide robust back-end records management functionality to support collaborative work systems.
  • The advantages of an EDRMS include:
  • • Increased business efficiency
  • • Reduced business risk and improve governance
  • • Better compliance with key standards and requirements
  • The term EDRMS includes systems that manage documents and/or records or both, in other words, both electronic records management systems (ERMS) and document management systems (DMS).
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