Information is the most valuable commodity in the digital economy. Enterprise information management (EIM) is a system for structuring, describing and governing information assets across every system in an organisation in order to improve efficiency, promote transparency, reduce risk and increase compliance, and enable business insight.
EIM solutions manage the creation, capture, use and eventual lifecycle of structured and unstructured information and are designed to help organisations extract value from their information, secure that information, and meet the growing list of compliance requirements.
EIM promotes improved security, increased efficiency, improved data quality, and integration of data. However, some challenges to implementing enterprise information management strategies include changing corporate culture, gaining management buy-in, and transforming and transferring data.
Castlepoint addresses these challenges by acting as a single pane of glass to find, relate, manage, and audit every record in a network, no matter what system it is stored in, and without any impact on existing systems or user base, and without complex rules engines.