Records management

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Records management (RM) refers to the management of a company’s valuable information throughout its lifecycle – from creation to disposal.

A record can be any information in any system maintained as evidence or used for any business transactions. Records management activities include the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of records.

The goal of records management is to help an organisation keep the necessary documentation accessible for both business operations and compliance audits. To achieve this, Castlepoint sees, reads and registers every record in your environment, in any system, and classifies its contents using AI. It then maps all applicable regulatory rules against the record automatically, to tell compliance teams what needs to be retained for how long; what is high-risk; and what has high or low value.
Using everything it knows about each record, including its audit trail, Castlepoint helps protect information assets by alerting on breaches and providing powerful, contextual discovery across all systems.