Platform Overview

With Castlepoint, you have command and control through a single view. An all in one solution offering powerful discovery, built in compliance, cybersecurity and risk audit, as well as records management.

What Castlepoint is known for


Search any information format, in any system, on premises or in the cloud, with no business or system impacts.
Castlepoint gives you whole of network visibility through a single pane of glass.

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Rapidly and automatically detect high risk and high value content. Flag actionable events in any system by any user. View and report on all audit events across the network. Automate and simplify compliance with Castlepoint.

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Know all your data and know your risk. Apply secrecy and privacy rules over all your systems. Know who is doing what and detect breaches. Castlepoint provides automatic detection of high risk and high value content so you can keep it secure.

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Records management

Make sentencing invisible to users and fully automated. Classify and sentence based on content, not just metadata.
Spend more time on decisions and less on manual operations. Castlepoint automates records management for any information format, in any system.

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Castlepoint doesn’t use any agents or connectors, and there are no changes required to your systems. Castlepoint can be installed on your network, or hosted by us, and be managing all your data in just a few hours.

We don’t modify, move, duplicate, or copy your records. And we are invisible to your users — so you can finally have full command and control, without the usual impacts.

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